Monday, April 15, 2013

Be Still and Know that I am God - Psalm 46:10.

There is no doubt that the way to know God is to wait on Him through intimate prayer.
Nothing will ever get accomplished in the flesh so Christs challenge to His bride (His Church) is will you wait on me in the Spirit patiently. The Church in this hour must up it's game in the prayer department in order to continue to be salt and light to wayward sinners lost in this world without Jesus love and direction.

The body of Christ must cease building for the perishable glory of man and build for the imperishable pleasure of the Fathers good will. We must love what a large majority of the church have forgotten and even despise: Prayer and intimacy with the father. 

Find a mountain, tree, tent, car, closet or somewhere quiet and set yourself apart and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the treasures of the kingdom of God. The more you still yourself with open ears the more Jesus will speak. Allow God to deal with your spiritual A.D.D and create in you a clean heart that is ready and willing to obey the Fathers will.

Our agendas must cease. Our self orientated goals must cease. The church must no longer align itself with the worlds standards of success. As the people of God pray and seek Jesus alone as guide and Shepherd the idolatry that has crept into our hearts will be removed and fall from our souls as the scales of religiosity did from Paul the apostles eyes. 

So what will it be? More crusades, more spiritual bareness, more business and clever marketing schemes or Jesus Christ's transforming love, peace and direction resounding through your innermost parts? Judgment starts 1st at the house of God which is His peoples hearts as we are His dwelling place and tabernacle in the Spirit. When we align ourselves with these realities there will be hope again for the decaying communities in which we live. 

After all do you really want to waste your life doing religious activities or do you want to become a co-worker with Christ who died so that none would perish. 
Pray, pray, pray... However Whenever Wherever.

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